Is the ordering process secure?

/Is the ordering process secure?

Is the ordering process secure?

Yes, the ordering process for originals works in conjunction with Paypal Business solutions. Paypal is an industry  leader in online payment processing. They provide you with secure online ordering including data encryption, address verification, card security code checks, fraud prevention and dispute resolution assistance. In fact, your financial data is kept completely secure that even I don’t see it. Paypal manages the entire financial transaction and only notifies me upon receipt of payment. Your credit card, bank info or Paypal data is never sent to me.

Also, the ordering process on my website for Fine Art America (FAA) is also secure. FAA has created the ability for me to offer you sales directly off my website. These are done in a secure frame hosted on their site yet embedded on my web pages. The frame widget used is just as secure as if being on the FAA site. When you proceed to checkout, you’ll notice a green lock icon on the checkout page denoting that it is a secure iframe form protecting your financial information.

Ordering from Redbubble is done directly off their site which is also a secure server.

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