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As part of the painting process to determine the scene or subject of my painting, I review hundreds of photos, either from my travels or places I find very inspirational. My photography is very much like painting, using light and film as paint on canvas. I may digitally modify my photos to enhance the look of the original landscape or remove unsightly objects. I will spend many hours studying the shape, colors and textures of a given rock formation, plant or ocean scene to insure that my painting reflects the realism I am looking to capture.

I’ll then sketch from my photographs and draw a fairly detailed version of what I see. After studying the finished drawing on canvas, I darken in the depth of the rocks or trees and lighten where the water is translucent. I paint from my photographs with acrylics, although I do enjoy watercolor and oils too. It depends what type of painting and the depth of color I need. I use only 100% duck cotton gallery wrapped canvas and archival acrylic paints.

I usually begin painting the water or sky first then the rocks or beach and finally plants (lights to dark). I usually work on the detail the longest, spending as many hours as it takes to capture the scene accurately. Once the painting is finished, I will hang it on the wall and just let it ‘sink in’ for a few days. I usually will find something to adjust before I am fully satisfied. Once I’ve decided the painting is finished, I’ll sign it and seal it with a matte acrylic sealer.

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