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I would be more than happy to do commissioned paintings at your request. I will produce a painting to your specified canvas size, medium and content. I can provide suggestions on any of these items to assist you. Pricing will be quoted prior to starting the work and will be based on canvas size and complexity but will be more than reasonable for a custom painting.

The content of the of the painting can be anything from reproducing a photograph, capturing a known landscape location or even creating your own concept. Your imagination is the only limitation. Where possible, I will use or create a digital example for your approval prior to starting the actual painting. It can’t hurt to ask, so let me know what I can create for you now by contacting me with your request.

I was asked to create a painting from this wedding photograph. They wanted the painting to closely resemble the photograph. The resulting painting is very close to the original photo although I cleaned up some of the grass in the foreground, made the wedding dress less washed out by sunlight, enhanced the floral colors and added the ‘rays of sunlight’ effect. This type of attention to detail is what I apply to any commissioned work I perform. (click on the photos to enlarge)

Original Wedding Photo

Finished Wedding Portrait

This next example of a commissioned work is of a customer’s pets. They provided 3 photos and from these, I created a digital composite image. Once the customer approved the digital image, I was then able to create the painting using this image as my basis for the painting. In this way, the customer can get a good idea of what the finished painting will look like. I can also design just the digital image for clients if they do not desire the next step of the actual painting. (click on the photos to enlarge)


Customer Supplied Photos

Digital Composite created from photos

Finished Pet Portrait Painting

This example of a painting from photograph is much more personal. I painted this from a photo of our Siamese cat, Tava, who passed away in 2011. He was my husband’s loyal companion and trusted friend. One day, he was sitting on the piano looking like a figurine and I was lucky enough to take a picture. I painted this so we’ll always have him with us in spirit. (click on the photos to enlarge)

Photo of our Siamese cat, Tava

Finished Painting of Tava

This commissioned painting was based just a request for something the client enjoyed doing, hiking in the coastal woods north of San Francisco. So I searched around the web for images of the area and found something that not only inspired me but also depicted what a morning hike through these woods might feel like. The painting is not an exact copy of the photo but gave the client an idea of something close to what I would paint for them.(click on the photos to enlarge)

Photo used to inspire Painting

Finished Painting of Coastal Redwoods

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