How accurate are the photos on this website?

/How accurate are the photos on this website?

How accurate are the photos on this website?

The photos are taken with a professional level camera (Canon 5D Mark III) and usually a 50mm portrait lens. I take great care to insure the colors are as accurate a possible and truly represent the artwork. That said, the device you are using to view the website may change the colors depending on the graphics rendering of your viewing device.

Additionally, the images on the website are optimized to load quickly while still representing the artwork. That means the images are smaller in size (pixels) as well as optimized & compressed for faster load times. Therefore, zooming up very closely on any image on the website will be significantly grainier and more pixelated than the original photo and artwork.

If you are interested in viewing a full size image of any of my works, please contact me and I will send you a full size image or at least one that your email can receive.

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